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INDIA vs CHINA!! Why India is lagging behind China?

China vs India
• INDIA has the largest democracy in the world but then also it lags behind many countries in terms of development so let us start the case study with one of your friendly nation CHINA. In 1978 the GDP of China and India was almost the same but in the last 36 years, China had implemented a few techniques which forced their GDP to move up.

GDP comparison

Let’s have a look at the differences and analyze ideologically.

So here are the very few comparisons that can give u an estimated idea of the gap between them and us:- 

• When India was busy discussing Religions, China was working on its economic policies

When India was busy producing Children, Chinese brought the one Child Policy

When India was busy giving jobs and seats to the reservedChina gave jobs to and seats to the deserved.

When India was busy in learning English, Chinese spent the same time thinking, and implementing in “Chinese Language

When India was struggling with Emergency and other instabilities of Governments, the Chinese had the Communist party taking up decisions bluntly and paving way for development.

While India was busy working for Americans and doing the Tertiary works, China was committed to becoming a Manufacturing Hub in the world.

Now, let's check the business policy of CHINA:

Today China has become the global factory of the world, all the big companies are preferring China, in 1990 the manufacturing global output value of China was only 3% and within 2018 it has increased to 25%. so in 2018 the 25% marked has been deserved by China itself.

As you can see from the above picture that:

80% of AC's are being produced by China alone.

70% of the Mobile Phones come from China.
60% of the Shoes are from China alone.
74% solar panels are being provided by China.
60% of the cement, no doubt from China.
50% of the Coal is from China.
45% Ships come from China.
50% of steel come from China.

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