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How trees communicate?

How trees communicate?

How trees communicate?

Communication is an essential part of every living creature. we know that humans interact with each other using different languages, other animals interact through their own mode of communication.

But have you ever thought about trees communication? How do they interact? How do they actually talk?

 'How trees communicate' has been a subject of debate for many scientists and the common belief was that plants do not have the ability to communicate due to lacking the structural components animal posses which allow audio communication.

Can plants hear?

Many of us have heard that plants grow faster when they hear good music. But is it really true?.we will discuss this later.

Schultz a professor in the division of plant sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia. He pointed out that plants fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators and traps prey. Another scientist at the University of LyonOlivier Hamant enthuses that 'To see this, you just need to make a fast movie of growing plant - then it will behave like an animal'. 

~They cannot hear the sound directly but can discern the sound of predators through tiny vibrations of leaves.
~ plants can use sound waves to identify water from a distance.

Now let's go back to the first question, do plants grow faster by hearing good music?

~the answer is no music will not help plants to grow only a few audio cues help plants to survive in different habitats.

Now let's know about how they talk?

~Plants talk above and below the ground. They send signals through roots by secreting chemicals into the soil that prompt their neighbours and above the ground they communicate through some vibrations made by leaves.

The ~University of Aberdeen knew that aphid-infested bean plants release odorous chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air to warn their neighbours, which respond by emitting different VOCs that repel aphids and attract aphid-hunting wasps.

~According to BBC "Fungi have been called the Earth's natural INTERNET". Trees communicate through fungi. Fungi are made up of tiny threads called mycelium. These travel underground, connecting the roots of different plants in an area, even different species, together, allowing them to communicate and so much more. 
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