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Reliance Jio| Buisness Analysis Techniques

By 21st-century mobile data will be our oxygen... 

Mukesh Ambani the richest man in INDIA  understood this fact and launched reliance jio which blasted like a bomb in the market. but how he made such an empire,

he bought such growth hacking techniques which disturbed the whole telecom industry...

 Hi, we are from the skipotech group, and today we bought the powerful case study of reliance jio...

Let's look at his techniques and tricks...

~Most of the telecom industries focus on voice call and nearly 60-70% of their revenue comes from voice calls only and no one focused on data but Mukesh Ambani understood the fact that data is also a tool where a lot of revenue exists so he directly invested 2.5 lacs crores rupees in data and bought directly 4g connections in the market.

But the question that arises here is why he had not implemented his schemes in 2g and 3g systems???

The answer to this question made all the differences

     -All telecom industries have 3g systems so to upgrade that system into the 4g network a lot of money is needed so they didn't take the risks of upgrading it, whereas Jio directly entered in the 4G network which saved a lot of money indirectly.

      -Among 130 crores people, 105 crores mobile connections were established and among 105 crores only 10% user consumed 4g data so Ambani understood that there is no competition in 4g systems. 

   -He understood that Voice call is a saturated market where a lot of competitors lie but data is an increasing market having fewer competitors so he targeted data market.

    The next question that arises here is what changes he made to make the market?

         -He created the gateway of the bay of Bengal with new technologies like fiber optics cable.

           -Actually, the whole cost of infrastructure lies in the fixed cost system. The fixed cost which lied on old  infrastructure which Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone used in  their 3g and 2g services, but Ambani replaced that old fixed  costs with new systems like 4G and with new technologies    like Fiber optics cable

           -the question which comes into existence here is why he used fiber optics cable?

      The speed of fiber optics cable is almost 40terabyte/second. But the old fixed systems had a speed of 4 terabyte/seconds.

       So Reliance  Jio crushed the whole telecom industry with two weapons one 4g service another factor is the speed which is almost 10 times faster than other networks.

      What do you think these two tools were only responsible for such a breakdown in the telecom industry?

      The answer is surely not because there are two more factors which helped Jio to grow up at such a huge rate. I think you got it.. if you haven't let us discuss...

      - Jio is the only company to have 4G spectrum in all 22 zones in our country which in comparison to Airtel has only 15 zones, Idea has 10 zones and Vodafone has 8 zones.

      -All telecom industries provide nearly 1-2 Sims in 1 Aadhar card but Jio provided 8 Sim cards in a single aadhar number which have a digital activation of 15 minutes.

      So all these 4 factors made Jio a complete company, having free calls, free SMS and data at a very minimal rate. So it bought a Digital Revolution.

      All these things prove that Ambani made a good plan beforehand only and applied a complete package of all things at minimal cost and with high speed.

      Do you want to understand the Growth Hacking Technology and want case studies then comment down your topic below, we will surely provide it...

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