Saturday, 23 November 2019

WIFI And Technology

As you all know that this is the era of the internet, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Many countries like China, Japan, Dubai have already used these techniques to make them more developed and more advanced. The use of the self-driving car, automated systems have been introduced, so in the upcoming days, AI and machine language will give a new shape to this world.
        so today we will be discussing some techniques that are upcoming within 2030 and they will bring a revolution in the market.

1. Use of wifi Hotspots in highways:-  
                                                                                                                                                             China has already used this method to control the pollution level in their country, BUT HOW IT WORKS?
The model is pretty simple, the whole road is covered with wifi hotspots or we can say a hotspot zone which observes the cars moving on the road and amount of pollution that is happening in road, if it makes more pollution than the limit then govt of China blocks that road for 1 day so the pollution level gradually goes down. So it's a great initiative which will soon be followed by every nation.

2. Use of 3d printing for building houses:-  

 Japan has already implemented this technique for building homes and high rise buildings, LET'S UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC BEHIND THIS TECHNIQUE.
The use of 3d printing had been discovered a long ago but using this technique to build buildings was introduced by Japan. Just you need to tell the design and the printer will print it within minutes. It's a great technique which will soon be followed by all nations.

3. Self Driving car:-

The use of self-driving cars are really getting increased day by day this method is being used in different organizations like Google. Inside Google, there are many automated cars, but that happens only inside google. So in the upcoming days not only in different organizations but we can see them on the roads. The cars will have high-quality cameras on every side which will help them to observe the traffic and ai will act according to it.

4. Project Oyoon: Tracking Criminals:-
       Project Oyoon is an initiative taken by Dubai police to improve their securities with ten thousand surveillance cameras using AI and Machine Learning to help track criminals and according to them, this initiative will launch in 2018-2019. Facial recognition software will help to track, analyze and issue a warning to the suspects. Visitors to the airports have to pass through a scanning tunnel which will scan everyone's iris and facial expressions. If their motive is something wrong then they will get identified.

BREAKING NEWS:- By 2033 it is expected that jobs may be taken down by AI by 47% USA, 77% in China, 69% in India.

Conclusion:-  If you want to survive along with these AI then you must focus on two things:
                1. Learn about the new upcoming technologies and get familiar with them.
               2. Continuously move with the transformation by SKIPOTECH.
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