Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Fake congratulations

In our daily life we all encountered a common problem on our phone or computer during internet surfing, this problem mainly comes to exist in our phone's web browser. We are often redirected to fake congratulation pages.

Sometimes they offer you a free vacation, sometimes it is an Apple iPhone x or sometimes you won a cash prize. You might be wondering why all of these pop-up windows appear on your screen.
So today we are going to talk about the fake congratulation pages why they appear and how to get read of this.
So now lets start ......
How to stop fake ads to show on your screen?

First, we will see how do the fake congratulation pages come up.
 In this case, we have to know how the ad works.
->Whenever we go into a website the website sends the information to the networks selected by the owner of that site. 
->Ads in the network compete to come first on the website by an automatic instantaneous bidding process and ultimately the ad whose company pay the most reach to the website viewer.
-> In this way, the advertisements reach to you.
Now we have to know that all ads are not bad, all of the ads don't redirect to a new page or show fake jackpots
~There are some bad ads which compile some code and run it on the webpage which redirects the page viewer to a new page and sometimes a new tab also.
~ The website owner doesn't have any hand in it. These ads are targeted to some particular viewers. 
~The website owner doesn't want to view this type of ad but as I have told earlier he/she doesn't have any hand in viewing this type of ad.

We can not fix this problem directly because we cannot fix the website code.so we have to apply some other techniques to avoid this problem. In laptops and computers, we can fix it by blocking the pop-ups, using chrome browser, or simply avoiding the website which shows this type of add.
In smartphones, we can install ad blocking apps by which we can block these ads.
So now we know about this in detail hoping that it will help all of you. Please comment below to know anything about any topic. Thank you.
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