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Multiply two numbers near a power of 10 | Vedic Math Tricks

Vedic Maths consists of some great techniques to cut down long tail calculation into shorthand methods. It reduces a lot of time. Today we are going to learn how quickly we can multiply two numbers near the power of 10 in just seconds. Without wasting any further time lets jump into the content directly.
In Skipotech we not only discuss the tricks, but we also solve many problems and ultimately pass through a time-limited quiz to master the technique, I hope you will like the article and support us.
Understanding the trick :
This trick will also have two parts like the previous methods discussed in skipotech. So we will solve the first part and then we will move to the second part.
First part:
  • First, take any two numbers closest to the power of 10 means close to 10,100,1000. Let us take two numbers like 112 and 107.
  • Now determine the base. The base is always a power of 10, In this case, the base is 100 because the numbers are very close to 100 or 10 power 2.
  • Find the difference in the numbers from the base, In our case, the numbers are 112 and 107 so the difference is 12 for 112 and 7 for 107.
  • Now the next step is diagonally addition like we will add 112 with 7 or 107 with 12 both will give the same result 119.
  • So the first step is solved and the answer is 119.
Now let us move to the second part:
  • The second part is quite simple you just need to multiply the differences. In the third point if the first part we managed to find out the differences as 12 and 7, so multiplication of both will give us 84.
  • Carry part: This is the most important part of the whole method. The number of digits in the second part is equal to the number of zeroes in the base.
Number of zeroes = number of zeroes
  1. If the number of digits is more than no of zeroes or 2 in this case then we will consider the two digits from the rightmost side of the answer of the second part and the other digits will be added to the first part as carrying.
  2. If the number of digits is equal to no of zeroes in the base then no issues.
  3. If the no of digits in the answer of the second part is less than the no of zeroes of the base add zeroes before the answer of the second part to make it equal.
Final Answer:
  • The final answer is written in a sequence, the first part is written on the left side and then the second part is written.
Format- First part answer | second part
I hope you have understood this trick, Now it is the time to solve some problems and performing the quiz.
  • 983*996:
  • 1003*999:
  • 96*95:

Now its time for you to perform in the quiz:

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