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Multiply two numbers in between 10 and 20 [Vedic Maths Mutiplication Tricks]

Vedic Maths has given us some beautiful methods to cut down the long process with some beautiful shortcuts. So today we are going to learn about some multiplication trick, after learning this math trick you will be able to multiply two numbers from 10 to 20 in just 5 seconds. Of course, it will take some time to learn and apply it but once you master it you can do the big calculations without touching the paper.

In skipotech, we not only focus on learning the different math tricks, but we also solve different problems to master it thoroughly. Without wasting any further time let us directly dive into the content.

Understanding the trick:

This math trick have two part namely 1st part and 2nd part. The two parts should be solved seperately in order to get the full answer.

First part :
  • The first step is to understand the numbers suppose we are considering multiplication of 13*16.
  • The second step is to check the difference of these numbers i.e, 13 and 16 from the base 10

  • The third step is to Add diagonally the original number and the difference as you can see if i diagonally add it gives me 13+6 or 16+3 which will produce the same result 19.
  • So the first part is covered and the answer of the first part is 19.

Second Part:

  • The first step is to multiply the differences which is 3 and 6 and the result is 3*6 which is 18.
  • Now count the number of zeroes in the base which is 10 here, as we know that there are only 1 zero we will consider only 1 number from the extreme right side.
As base is 10 , only 1 zero is present in 10 so we will consider one digit from 18 and the selection is done from extreme right side so 8 is considered and 1 will be known as carry.
  • Now, the carry or 1 is added with the first part which is 19 so it becomes 19+1=20;
  • The answer is formed in this format :
  Final Answer = First Part | Second Part
20 8

So the final answer is 208.

Note:- Most of the people make mistake in the carry part so do it carefully.

Now let us understand the above mentioned math trick with a few examples:

1. 13*16 :

Now it is your time for you to solve some quiz:

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