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The biggest garbage patch in the world

Have you ever wondered about where the plastics go after it is thrown away by us? We often use plastics and throw them after being used then the garbage bag has been taken away by the garbage collector appointed by the government. But after that what happens with garbage.
So today we came with very interesting as well as a very important and alarming topic. We are going to talk about the plastics and where does it go after being used and with it what effect does it leave behind.
Plastic is a polymer material that can be molded into any shape. It is very difficult to decompose plastics. It takes thousands of years to decompose according to the scientists. So we all are very much aware of all these facts but then also we use plastics in a very large amount.
Garbages which we through are collected by garbage collectors.they are dumped into large garbage dumping area but in most of the cases, they are thrown into large water bodies like ocean, sea, river. The plastics which are thrown into the river are drained to the ocean this is also known as marine debris. 
All these large amounts of marine debris from all over the world are collected at some places in the oceans. These places are known as garbage patches. There are a total 5 of garbage patches all over the ocean. Now you can imagine what have we done to our mother earth. But wait there is more information about this. If you know that how much amount of plastics are collected over there than you can surely say that the end of us and earth is very near.


The full form of GPGP is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is not the only great threat to marine life but as I have told that there are more garbage patches. The garbage patches are formed in the gyres. Gyres are the areas in oceans where circular ocean currents are formed. These ocean currents drain the marine debris towards the center and in this way, the GPGP and other patches are formed.
The  GPGP is situated in the northern Pacific ocean. The other four great patches are
~The North Atlantic Gyre
~The South Atlantic Gyre
~The South Pacific Gyre
~The Indian Ocean Gyre


According to recent studies, the size of the greatest threat to marine life is about 1.6 million square kilometers. It is the double size of Texas. Yes, Texas the second largest of state of the United States by both area and population.

How Much Plastics It has?

According to the Ocean clean up at the time of estimation there were almost 1.8 trillion pieces of plastics. The total weight of the plastics will be approximately 80,000 tonnes.

The Ocean Clean Up is a team that is founded by an 18-year-old college dropout student named Boyan Slat. This team develops technologies that are used to extract plastic pollution from the ocean. It is a non-governmental engineering organization.


The GPGP is made not a big floating plastic island. It is even not visible from satellite. It is just made of small pieces of plastics which are made by breaking down of big pieces of plastics like bottles, broken pieces of big plastic equipment.
As microplastics are formed due to exposure of macroplastics to heat, marine life, waves etc.once the microplastics are formed it is very difficult to remove it from ocean water and they are often swallowed by marine animals. So the macroplastics should be removed more readily from the ocean water.

All of us might have seen a picture of a turtle caught in a big net

See this the resultant of our modern lifestyle. We humans only think about ourselves but this ecosystem only works on mutual working and living. All of the organisms are dependent on each other.
All of us had read about bio-magnification in our EVS books. So as we are harming the other animals then along with them we are also getting is an illustration of how we are also getting affected. 

Now you can check out how the plastics and other harmful things are getting accumulated in our bodies.
So here is a request from my side that we humans have to live on this earth so we have to save our mother Earth. So we should decrease the use of plastics slowly we should leave the use of plastics along with these we should plant more and more trees as we can see the temperature in summer as well as in every season are increasing every year.
 So here is a task guys lets plant 5 trees in this monsoon and see the magic in next summer as well as decrease the use of plastics by using paper bags.
Thank You.

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