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Top few habits that a Hacker must have.

Hacking may be a field wherever you would like to be engaged for an extended time. Moreover, it's an unending field. The more you learn, the more you grow. some people have a common misconception that hacking is an illegal process and executing hacks will put you behind the bars. However let me tell you Hacking has each side: smart and unhealthy, it all depends on wherever and the way you place your skills into work. There are basically three types of hackers: blackhat, white hat, and grey hat. A black-hat hacker forever uses his information into illegal functions to steal other's credentials and to damage the systems. White-hat hackers work for society, they forever try and improve security in order that black-hat hackers cannot damage it. Whereas Grey-hat hackers have each smart and evil sides or in alternative words, they're a combination of each White-hat and Black-hat. So, today we will disclose the top few qualities that a hacker must have. So, today we will disclose the top few qualities that a hacker must have.

1. Master LINUX: As you know that LINUX operating systems are always working environments for Hackers and Developers. So, if you are still windows user then switch to LINUX operating systems because in LINUX systems you need to do everything with the help of command prompt which is also a powerful tool in terms of hacking. LINUX opery
ating systems are always free to use and it is specially designed for developers and Hackers.LINUX also have many subcategories like Kali Linux is made for hackers. Redhat operating system is made for security experts. Choose your operating system and master that. 

2. Learn 2 to 3 programming languages: Many will not agree with this point that to be a hacker you need not be a programmer. But, remember a developer having tons of programming knowledge develops different projects and to crack that projects you will need more knowledge than developers. So, programming languages play a passive role in the field of hacking. Learning one programming language is also not sufficient because nowadays any application or website is built with the help of two to three programming language. So, learning two to three programming language is not compulsory however it's invariably suggested.

3. Build Networking ideas very strong: Within the networking field, you need to be quite skilled to be a hacker. A hacker invariably enters into the system through the network. You must be quite skilled in exploitation tools like Ncap and Wireshark. you want to perceive basic items like WiFi, routers, TCP/UDP and packets. Moreover, having sensible information in networking isn't enough you must also be able to find different loopholes in any network.

4. be a part of forums and attend seminars: Hacking could be an endless method. So, you must join different hacking forums because in hacking forums contains heaps of knowledge. You must solve real-life issues that different forum members face. Attending seminars and taking note of nice speakers can assist you to achieve information concerning a way to build hacking a full-time career and the way to use at the world level.

5. suppose sort of a Hacker: To enter into system or to interrupt any security the terribly very first thing is mental preparation and a correct conceive to proceed. you need to find out hacker's mentality and adopt his temperament as a result of in several cases hackers hack several systems by convincing the owner to step into the loophole. 

Bonus Tip: Build your own pentesting laboratory and take a look at to experiment on completely different websites and application. However before experimenting on anyone's property( web site or application) ensure that you simply take proper permission, otherwise, it'll be considered as an associate in nursing criminality.

How to earn money while learning Hacking?

yes, you'll be able to conjointly earn a number of greenbacks whereas learning Hacking. several tiny and large websites hold Bug-Bounty program. Whenever you discover any bug or loophole in any web site report that bug with the owner and you will get a bounty reciprocally as a bequest. So, first, go with tiny websites as a result of finding bugs in huge websites isn't a straightforward task.

Conclusion:  Hacking is an art. It's not learned it's  It's the age of technology where information is free. So, you'll be able to learn from completely different sources like youtube and google. Simply keep patience and learn it and ensure that you simply update your information after regular intervals because several ways and loopholes persevere evolving. So, you need to be updated very often. you'll be able to comment down your opinion below and support us by sharing our posts.
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