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Things you need to take care before applying for Adsense!!

Things you need to take care before applying for Adsense!!: 

Steps to be taken before applying ADSENSE

1. The website must not be under Construction: This is the reason why 56% of the Adsense  Account is not approved by the first attempt. Remember, before applying Adsense, You must complete everything, the header, footer, body of your website. Once everything is completed then apply for Adsense.

2. About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer must be present: These pages is a must to your website. These pages hold the minimum requirements for Adsense. If you don't know how to generate Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of your website, A lot of websites are there by which you can make these pages for free.

3. Social widgets and icons are connected properly: I have seen a lot of people who applied a good template but have not customized it properly And most of them have not attached their Facebook, Twitter pages with their Blog. So, after creating the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page for your blog connect them in a proper place. According to me, the left-footer corner is the best position for social media widgets.

4. The minimum requirements are to be fulfilled: There are a few minimum requirements which must be fulfilled before applying for Adsense:

    1. Minimum 18-20 posts must be written
    2. All the posts must have 300-500 words in it.
    3. All the Posts must be well SEO optimized.
   4. Posts must be categorized under proper Labels or category.

5. The sitemap has to be submitted: Sitemaps must be submitted to the  Google search console. Otherwise, your blog will not be crawled by google crawlers. So, before submitting you must submit your Sitemap.xml file in Google, Bing, Yahoo so that your website starts indexing.

7. Meta tags and meta description are properly made: If meta tags and description are not made properly then Google will consider your website as an incomplete one. Meta tags and Meta description holds the main position in ranking your website and boosting your traffic. If you want to get ranking then you must add meta description and meta tags.

8. If not approved by Adsense: If you have met these requirements you can apply for Adsense. There is a 90% chance that your Adsense account will be approved. If it still gets rejected you need to recheck everything and you must wait for a few days because as the time goes on the value of your website increases. So keep patience and it will be approved for sure.

Conclusion: In this article, we have discussed the minimum requirements that You must complete in order to get Adsense account. Hope you have like our article. If you want any kind of support or suggestion then you can contact us on our Facebook or Instagram page, we are super active there.  
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