Monday, 10 June 2019

Why you should switch RIGHT NOW from 5.56 rifles to 7.62 rifles !!

Are you a PUBG player or playing it for a year then this post is for you. Yes, this is the right time for you to switch from 5.56 auto rifles to 7.62 rifles because of the following reasons:

why you switch from 5.56 to 7.62 rifle!!

A detailed comparison between  7.6 automatic guns and 5.56 automatic rifles:

1. As you all know that the size of 7.62 ammo is more prominent than 5.56 ammo, so in the close range 7.62 can give you an extra advantage over 5.56.

Bullet damage effect

2. So in the narrow range, we have seen that 7.62 is the king, now let's discuss the midranges. As the ammo of 7.62 is heavy so it will travel much less distance as compared to 5.56 ammo, but generally, in midranges, the ultimate factor that wins is the firing speed, and on an average both 5.56 and 7.62 almost have the same firing rate. Now as firing rate is same now damage comes into play, and as we know, 7.62 rifles give more cost so in midranges 7.62 guns are okay.

3. In long distance, the range of 5.56 rifles is much more than 7.62 guns. So if you prefer spraying over long distances, then you should always go for 5.56 rifles.

4. The biggest obstacle that you will face in case you switch is the recoil. 7.62 rifles and 5.56 guns have an almost same firing rate. To fire at a reasonable speed and as well as firing heavy bullets like 7.62 increases the recoil of the rifle. In case you are a thumb player, you may face difficulties in controlling the recoil, but if you are a claw player, you can switch quickly and get used to it.

Conclusion :

Remember rifles are weapons in the game and you are going to control it. So the essential thing that matters in fights is your reaction time and your skill set. According to me, my best loadout is 7.62 auto rifles for close ranges and 5.56 rifles for extended intervals.

Comment down your best guns combo that you use in the game. For more feedbacks, memes and latest updates, you can follow our Instagram page where we are super active.

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