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7 mistakes you are making as a blogger.

7 mistake that you are making as a blogger: These 7 mistakes can prove very much harmful for your blog so learn with us and avoid doing these mistakes. Without wasting any further time lets directly roll into the content.

7 mistakes you are making as a Blogger

1. Copying other's content: Probably one day or other you will run out of contents for your blog and then you will try to copy others content. Doing these for a long time will result in losing the Adsense account. Whenever you write an article and publish it, the google crawlers crawl over your post and display it to other users. Now if you copy other's content the google crawlers will detect it and ban your Adsense account. This type of activity is also known as plagiarism. Once you write an article you should check whether the article is plagiarized or not with various plagiarism checker available on the internet.

2. Not Labelling the contents: Your blog must have covered different topics so far. Try to label them as per the category. Suppose I have a technical blog so I will make different sub-categories or labels like tech-facts, tips, and tricks which will help the readers to find their desired topics and also labeling the content is always an SEO friendly habit.

3. Not adding Conclusion after each article: If you are writing a big paragraph or article for your blog try to add a small conclusion at the end because many of the readers do not have sufficient time to go through the full article so adding conclusions at the end will always help them to get a rough idea about the whole article. This will also reduce the bounce-back factor of your blog and you will also get a good response from your audience.

4. Applying for Adsense too soon: This is a problem that happens with every blogger. You might have done that same mistake. Applying too soon for the Adsense and getting rejected will make you demotivated. Things you should always check before applying for Adsense:

              1. Your blog must be well SEO- optimized.
              2. Your blog must contain a few backlinks.
              3. Your blog must have 20-25 articles and make sure that your posts are indexing in Google.

If you have successfully completed the above criteria, you may apply for Adsense and if you get rejected there is some fault in your blog, fix that and reapply.

5. Making grammatical errors in posts:  This is the reason why 2 out of 10 blogger gets rejected by Adsense. Making grammatical mistakes in the posts reduces the quality of the post, so to avoid the mistakes you can use Grammarly which is an AI-based assistant software that helps you to write quality posts for your blog.

6. Not submitting Sitemaps in Google Webmaster Tools: Sitemaps is an important part of SEO which helps to boost up your visitors and ranking. Go to the Google Webmaster Tool and then submit your site's sitemap. With the help of the Google webmaster tool,  you will be able to track your site's search performance with google.

7. Not Using Meta tags: Meta Tags helps you to gain visitors because meta tags and keywords help your website to rank. So before posting make sure that you filled the meta tag and description section. It is really simple in blogger to add meta tags, just go to the settings section and then go to the search preferences and then there you will get the meta-tag section just go and fill that.

Conclusion: See the market of blogging is quite competitive so follow the rules and try to avoid mistakes to win in the blogging industry. Just with us because we will help you in optimizing SEO for your site as well as we will help you to rank your site. These 7 mistakes are very common ones that most of the new bloggers make so read them carefully and avoid them. Moreover, if you have learned anything new just comment down below.

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