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How to make quality backlinks for your blog.

To rank your blog and to boost up your visitor quality backlinks are necessary. First, let me clear what is a backlink? A backlink means links from other sites that are linking to your article or website. There are two types of backlinks; do follow and no follow, both are equally important. So, today we will discuss how to make quality backlinks for your blog. Without wasting any further time let's roll into the content.

How to create quality backlinks for your blog

1. Find out your competitor's backlinks: First target a website of your niche then go to the Uber Suggest tool and put their URL to check their backlinks. Now once got their backlinks, go to their website and search their email address and mail them like this:

  "Hello sir, I have written a similar article like this website and my article is more detailed than this article would you help me by providing a link of my site in your renowned website."

 Hopefully, they will provide a link to your site.

2. Write Guest posts: This is a beautiful way of getting backlinks even I have used this method at the initial stages of my blog. Many big sites provide an opportunity to write a guest post on their site. So, just to their websites and write one article and write the conclusion part like this:

 "I write a similar kind of article. You can always go and check out my articles on this website"XXXX.XXX". Hopefully, you liked this article so, comment down below your opinions."

In this way, you can make quality backlinks for your blog. 

3. By comments and replies: This is a magical method to increase the number of backlinks you have. You can always help people by answering their queries through your website. One of the best methods to do it is to go the Quora and search for desired topics you will get thousands of questions. Just try to answer them as much as you can and at the last of the answer put a link to your site. This will drastically boost up your traffic.

4. Directory Submission: Directory submission means submitting your site in a website directory. Though this is quite an old method, it still provides some quality backlinks that can help your website to rank in Google indexes. Here are the lists of high domain ranked directory submission sites, you can go and submit your site.

5.Hiring Backlinks: yes, the title looks quite weird but it's true. Now you can hire peoples who will provide quality backlinks for your blog at a very minimal cost. You can go to Fiverr and search for backlink provider you will get to see a lot of results. Choose the plan that is best suitable for you. Though you need to pay a little bit of money it is worth it...

Conclusion: Don't worry about the paid method I also survived on free method at the initial days of my blog later I switched to fiver as I started making a few bucks from the blog. Here is the link of a few mistakes that are made by many bloggers, check whether you are making the same mistakes or not. Moreover, you can always comment on your opinion below.
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