Monday, 17 June 2019

How to be king of Blogging!!!

We all try hard to boost up our traffic at the initial stages of the blog but we all fail. Making backlinks and making SEO optimization becomes difficult for bloggers. But we all keep on writing posts which have good quality but it does not reach many people. Today I will share my secrets, how to be king of Blogging in spite of whatever Niche you have. So without making any delay let's roll into the content.

Note: Before following these steps your blog must be organized and meta tags and description must be fulfilled. Here is a list of things which you must follow: Minimum requirements before writing posts. Hope you have completed the requirements now follow these steps to be the Conqueror in the market.

1. Find your Niche and topics of the post:

First, you should be quite careful that you shouldn't publish any article that is out of your niche. Once you got your Niche you need to find interesting and latest topics to write the post. To find the trend in your niche you can take help of Google Trends. Once You got your topic, you need to apply clickbait in titles so that people will read your article. A survey says that out of 10 people 8 people will observe your title and 2 of them will read your article. So It is very necessary to write a catchy title.

2. Find your Competitors having the same niche and same topic:

Now if you really want to rank your article in the front page then you need to beat them who are ruling the front page. So, make a list of all the sites that are conquering the front page of google of the same niche that you have.

3.Steal the keywords:

Once you get the list of all your competitors then go to Ubbersuggest or ahrefs and find the keywords from an article. Now make a list of the keyword that is helping the website to rank. And also check the keyword density(number of times the keyword has appeared) in the article. Now You have the keyword list in your hand. Now among that list steal a few quality keywords. These keywords will help you rank on the first page of google.

4. Make a more detailed article: 

As you have got high-quality keywords, it's time to implement these keywords in the article. Make a more detailed article than your competitor. Make sure that your keyword density is also increased. So your article is ready. 

5. Find the pages that are driving organic traffic: 

To find out the pages that are driving organic traffic you need to click on backlinks button on the left-hand sidebar in uber suggest tool.

Uber-suggest interface

Now as you click the backlinks button a new window will open which will display the pages that are referring to that site.
Pages driving organic traffic

Note:  After completing all these steps you must build backlinks to that website that will provide you organic traffic. For that you need to simply follow the steps that have been described here: Make Backlinks From Top Sites

Conclusion: This method is quite old but it still works like a charm. After completing all these steps your article will start ranking. Of course, it will take time to rank so you need to keep patience. If you liked the article do hit your favorite reaction in the reaction bar and if you want to consult with us you can contact us on our Instagram page.

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