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Hacking Facebook in 60 seconds

Hacking Facebook and other social networking sites in 60 seconds :

 Hacking facebook and other things become a passion among students and teenagers. So today we will discuss whether it is really possible to hack facebook? If yes, then how so without wasting any further time lets roll into the content.

Hacking Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites in 60 seconds

Understanding Social Networking Sites :

Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites have millions of users around the globe. So to store their credentials, huge servers with high storage capability are made. Now, to gain the user id and password of any user you must first enter into that database then you should find the credentials of a particular user from millions of users which is almost impossible as those sites invest thousands of dollars in their security so it's not easy to hack any account.

Possible ways of Hacking :

There are only two possible ways by which you can access other's accounts.

The first one is by making the actual owner fool and stealing the passwords by various social engineering methods. There are a lot of methods of social engineering like cookies stealing, phishing, spying, keylogging but the most popular one is phishing.

 Phishing: In this method, the hacker creates a fake page that looks similar to facebook or twitter and convinces the user to login from that fake page and as they log in they are hacked. This is the most popular method used by many people. This method is totally dependent on your convincing power if you think you have good convincing power you can try this method.

Cookie-Stealing: You might also get attacked by this method. In this method, hackers steal the cookies that are stored in your browser when you click the "Remember Me" option during login.

Keylogging: This method is done with the help of a keylogger that stores all the keystrokes pressed by a victim and sends it to the attacker. So, whenever the victim login into his/her account the keystrokes ( user id and passwords) are sent and they got hacked.

The second one is by exploiting the bugs. Generally, this method is very difficult because all the social networking sites hold the bug-hunting program where they provide rewards for finding bugs. Yes, almost every bug has been resolved but there are still many bugs, if you are capable of finding one then this method could be really helpful for you.

These are very few ways by which you can hack someone's account. Now let's discuss the methods by which you can protect your account from all these types of attacks.

Ways to prevent your account:

1. Never click on any link that looks suspicious other than the official sites.

2. Change your passwords regularly after a certain interval of time.

3. Never click on the "Remember Me" option after logging in.

4. Never install any application from unknown sources because that application might contain a keylogger.

5. Use an antivirus which will protect your system from various malware, virus, and keyloggers.

Conclusion :

Its never been so easy to hack anything, but if you have proper convincing power and a mindset like a hacker you can hack almost anything with the help of social engineering. If you think that anything is missed out in this content you can always comment down below which will help other readers.

Moreover, have you used any of this technique before? I have used phishing if you did comment down below.

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