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All about VPN

VPN is one of the special tools which is used by Hackers and Webmasters. You must be wondering what makes this tool so special. Well, today you will get to know what is a VPN? and for what purpose it is used? So, without wasting any further time let's roll into the content.

1. What is a VPN?

VPN basically stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, you get the internet from and isp provider, which is considered to be a local network. Now if you use VPN you create your own private network, where no one can interfere without your permission.

2. How a VPN works?

To understand how a VPN works you need to you first understand how your internet service provider provides you the required search query you search on the internet. Whenever you search anything the search query is first sent to the server of the internet service provider and then it is redirected from the server to the host. Now, if you are searching or if you want to access any website which is blocked by your internet service provider then your search query will not be redirected towards the host. Here comes the use of VPN. A VPN has its own virtual private server, whenever you search anything using VPN then the search query is first send to the server of the internet service provider and then it is redirected from the server to the virtual private server and from there the search query is redirected towards the host so in this way a VPN works.

3. Best VPN available in the market?

There is a lot of free and paid VPN available in the market, but I always recommend you to use the paid you ones because free VPN has only one virtual private server which is shared by every user so ultimately there is a quite latency in the speed of the internet. Whereas, in case of paid VPN each user is provided with a particular virtual private server so the internet speed will be quite fast as compared to the free VPNs. But if you only one to access one or two website then there is no point of taking a paid VPN.

5. How to make fair use of VPN?

Many people think that they will perform illegal activities using VPN and they will never get caught but let me tell you one thing this is completely a piece of false information. Yes by using VPN you can hide your IP address but ultimately your original IP address is registered at the virtual private server so if you are performing any kind of illegal activities the VPN handlers are ready to give your information to the cops. You can use a VPN to download movies to access any websites using torrents.
Basically, VPN changes your original IP address. So hackers change their IP address quite often which is also known as onion routing by which they hide sensitive information. We will cover them in some next articles.

6. What VPN I personally use?

I don't use any free or paid VPN I always make my own VPN with the help of a server and I do some changes  in the server so if you are a general surfer you can always go with the free one or if you gonna use it for a long time better to switch to a paid one.


It is always recommended  to use a VPN because it hides power IP from getting blacklisted. But make sure that you always maintain distance from the nose of illegal activities. If you like the article let me know through the reaction bar. Moreover, if you want to give any suggestion feedback you can always contact us through our Instagram and I am super active right there.
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