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Affiliate Vs Adsense - which pays more??

Well, If you're an adolescent or if you have searched concerning on-line cash creating ideas then you have tried and heard about Adsense and Affiliate promoting. But, before continuing any let me tell you one thing. The simplest sources of creating cash on the web area unit are solely through Adsense and affiliate. Today, we are going to be comparing these sources and along with comparison, I will offer my opinion concerning these sources. while not wasting from now on time let's roll into the content.

Adsense Vs Affiliate 

Understanding both the sources: Adsense And Affiliate


web site gets paid as somebody clicks on the advert. There are several alternative sources instead of Adsense however no one pays like Adsense. To get Adsense approval in your web site, your web site should taste certain criteria.

Read the Criteria to get an Adsense approval:


         1. There is no limit to earning money.
         2. The earning rate varies from too high to decent.
         3. It provides a lot of payment methods like Western Union, Banks and much more.
         4. You can put up your ads in almost every pages.
         5. Moreover, there is a guarantee that at the end of the month you will make a few bucks.

         1. Getting Adsense Approval really takes a lot of time.
         2. Fulfilling the 100$ threshold really becomes difficult for newbies.
         3. Earning money really becomes difficult for many new bloggers.
         4. Clicking on your ads may result in losing the Adsense account.


Affiliate is a program which is offered by different shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, in affiliate, if you can sell products of Amazon through your link, provided by Amazon then you get a little bit of commission. This is a well-known method of making money.


     1. The earning rate is very high.
     2. There is no threshold like Adsense.
     3. You need not invest a lot to start.

    1. Monthly income is not guaranteed.
    2. Sales are not under your control.
    3.  You can not put affiliate links on every page.

Which is better for beginners?

See, before setting your foot in these fields you must understand these fields practically. Affiliate is the best option if you have some base audience. But as a newbie, it is better to go with Adsense first, once you gain traffic, you can make a new affiliate site and lead the traffic towards your affiliate site.

My Opinion:

Both the options are a great field to earn money, But the ratio between Adsense money and affiliate income is about 1:10. But affiliate money comes after a certain time. If you want to gain a little amount of money within a few months always go with the Adsense but if you really want to succeed in the long term then always go with affiliate sources.


No method can bring you overnight money. Everything takes time. Adsense and Affiliate both can give you a good amount in return if you invest your good times and hard work in it. If you have any plans start it right now because the competition is increasing day by day and it is never too late now. According to me, I always prefer Adsense at the very beginning, but as you gain traffic you should switch to affiliate sources. If you liked the article do hit your reactions in the reaction bar.

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