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7 cool Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks !!!

7 cool Command Prompt tricks and Hacks 

Top 7 Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks

7 cool Command Prompt tricks and Hacks:

Command prompt in windows is not as powerful as UNIX, but it contains a set of handy tools and tricks. Today We will disclose 10 command prompt hacks that you should know as a hacker. With the help of these top 7 command prompt tricks, you can be a geek. So, without wasting any further time let's roll directly into the content.

1. Knowing the IP address of any website: 

To know the IP address of any website,
  • Just go to your command prompt and type " ping www.websitename.extension" and then press enter.                      
  • Type nslookup site name and hit enter this will give you the IP address.

2.  Changing the Command Prompt Color: 

We all have seen that boring black and white interface in Command Prompt, Now you can customize your Command prompt as per your needs. To change, the color of the Command Prompt just go to the Command Prompt and type "help color" and then press enter it will show your customization Lab.

Customization lab of colors
Now to change it as per need type "color 02" or any number as per your need. First Digit represents background color and the second digit represents the text color.

3. Change the title of your Command Prompt: 

You can change the title from command prompt to any name as per your need. To change your title just type "title name" and press enter. In place of name enter the name of the console that you want.

The title is changed to Skipotech

4. Create an Undeletable folder: 

You can create an undeletable folder through your Command Prompt console.
    to create the undeletable folder: type " md con\ "
     to delete the folder: " rd con\ "

5. Shutdown and restart your computer using Command Prompt:
  • To shut down, your computer just type "shutdown -s" and hit enter.
  • to restart your computer type " shutdown -r" and hit enter
6. Shutdown after some time: 

To shutdown, your pc after 100 seconds just type " shutdown -s -t 100"  and hit enter. It will shut down your pc after 100 seconds. You can also change the time from 100 seconds to your desired time.

7. Print a message before Shutdown:

You can also display a certain message before Shut down. To display the message Good Bye just type " shutdown -s -t 100 -c"Good Bye" ". It will shut down your computer after 100 seconds by displaying a message Good Bye. You can also change the time and message as per your needs.


There are so many tricks which you can apply in command prompt. Just stay tuned with us we will cover everything. If you want to give us a suggestion you can contact us on our Facebook and Instagram page. If you liked the article share it with your friends.

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